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What happens when you feel you, a relative or loved one requires any form of assistance or support in your daily living?...

Well Assured Care Stockport can help you to achieve your goals and encourage you to be indepenendent with your daily activities at home or out and about. Whatever your requirements are we can meet them and provide you with a personalised care package.


We are here to help and not take over! 


At some stage in your life you may decide you require care at home, we can provide you services through social services who will approach us to provide the care on your behalf or you can contact us directly, we do accept direct payments.


Once you have decided that home care is for you the following assessments and monitoring will take place throughout your care package with us.


Assessing the Need

If the social services department comes to us on your behalf, the social worker will have carried out an assessment of what you need before deciding that domiciliary care, that is a care service delivered to your own home, is going to meet your needs.

If you have approached us direct, we need to make an assessment ourselves. We will arrange for a trained care plan assessor to visit you at home who will ask a lot of questions regarding your health, doctor, background history and the needs and support you require. Family, relatives, friends or advocates are welcome to be present.

Assessing Risks

If you have decided to have care provided in your own home, you will know of course that this carries some risk. We will do a risk assessment on you personally which will assess your ability to weight bear, if you require any aids to enable you to mobilise or if you require more than one carer. We also do a moving and handling assessment to assess any moving and handling issues and if the environment is safe for the carer to complete the tasks required. A health and safety assessment will be conducted on the premises to ensure the property and rooms where the care will be provided is safe and there is no risk to the carer or service user. 



Service User Plan 

Once your needs and the risks have been assessed we will then with help from you and your family, representative or carer will prepare a plan for the care we expect to deliver. This is called a service user plan because you as the service user really are central to it. It will specify the services we will provide, with details like timings of care workers visits, the duration of the visit and the tasks which are to be performed.


Reassessing the need and Reviewing the Care 

Over time your needs may change, you may need more or less care, the type or pattern of service may have to be varied, new risks may become apparent. So, again with your help, we will keep your needs under review and take decisions about the care accordingly. 


Agreed times and visits

Once the times and visits are agreed we will allocate a main carer to you, the Carer will attend to you each day at the times specified in the care diary. When your main carer is off you will have another regular carer, we aim to provide excellent continuity.


Some of our feedback..

“ It was the first time we had done this, and was therefore new to both Mum and myself. It couldn’t of worked better and the professional and caring manner your staff showed was a credit to all.” 

“ Thanks to your team for the tremendous help and support.”

“Thanks to the main carers who visited Mum most mornings and really ‘cheered Mum up’, their company and support were really invaluable.” 

We are proud to announce we are star rated "GOOD" by the Care Quality Commission.

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